Laila Akhu-Zaheya

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Associate Professor

Dr. Laila Akhu-Zaheya is currently an Associate Professor, employed by the Faculty of Nursing at the Jordan University of Science and Technology/WHO Collaborative Center. She earned both a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master’s Degree from the Jordan University of Science and Technology, before progressing to the State University of New York College at Buffalo, where she earned a Doctorate Degree, specializing in Nursing Informatics.
Dr. Akhu-Zaheya occupied several administrative positions, including Department Chair (Summer 2009), Assistant Dean (2008-2009), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Nursing (2009-2015), and finally, Vice Dean of Student Affairs at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (2015-2016).
While occupying the abovementioned administrative positions, Dr. Akhu-Zaheya contributed as a consultant for a variety of unique projects, with a number of educational institutions. Her primary research interest is Nursing Informatics in both the clinical and educational setting. Examples include but are not limited to: the interaction between human beings and technology, use of the Internet, decision-making processes, and most importantly, patients’ safety. Dr. Akhu-Zaheya’s research interest employs strategies of nursing informatics for the purposes of education, whereby the promotion of a healthy and safe environment is emphasized. Her secondary research interest focuses on human behavior and crises. The primary function of her research is to support consumers, nurses, patients, the professional healthcare team, as well as additional stakeholders in the decision-making process, in all positions and settings, to achieve the preferred results. Support is accomplished using the following: information processes, information structures, and information technologies.
Dr. Akhu-Zaheya is an accomplished educator and researcher, evidenced by her work as a reviewer, as well as her twenty-six publications. She continues to persevere in both her educational and professional ventures.