A survey of informatics platforms that enable distributed comparative effectiveness research using multi-institutional heterogenous clinical data

The goal of this manuscript is to help investigators understand why informatics platforms are required and to compare and contrast six, large-scale, recently funded, CER-focused informatics platform development efforts. We identified six generic steps that are necessary in any distributed, multi-institutional CER project: data identification, extraction, modeling, aggregation, analysis, and dissemination.

Challenges in patient safety improvement research in the era of electronic health records

In this paper, we use a case study involving a project on missed/delayed follow-up of test results to discuss real-world challenges in using EHR data for patient safety research. We identify three types of challenges that pose as barriers to advance patient safety improvement research, and discuss the complexity of these challenges, all of which are unlikely to be unique to this project, and outline some key next steps that must be taken to support research that uses EHR data to improve safety.